What are we eating?

Weekly Agency Insider

Food Illustration

This week, we’re heading into the seedy underbelly of Saxton Horne—our bellies. We’re asking the question: What are we eating this week?

Andrea Wise Andrea Wise Andrea Wise

Lunch, Italian Style

“I love eating the Insalata Caprese from Pizza Limone because their balsamic vinaigrette is oh so delicious!”
— Andrea Wise, Account Coordinator

Jason Brown Jason Brown Jason Brown

Explosive Feelings

“When some people get depressed, they watch Sleepless in Seattle and eat ice cream. I watch Lethal Weapon and eat at the Philadelphian.
— Jason Brown, Account Executive

Marcos Martins Marcos Martins Marcos Martins

Culinary Alchemy

“I brought some salad from home and added some grilled chicken I bought from Chick-Fil-A.”
—Marcos Martins, Digital Department

Cody Roseborough Cody Roseborough Cody Roseborough

Meals in Recovery

“After spending nine days following the 2014 Tour of Utah, my stomach has become disappointed in my food decisions out on the road. From gas station taquitos and Red Bull to Pizza-flavored Combos and protein shakes, my body has let me know it’s ready for something lighter and less questionable. Today’s menu: turkey sandwich on 12-grain bread, yogurt, and one Hostess roll. Feeling better already!”
— Cody Roseborough, Social Media Specialist

Don Taylor Don Taylor Don Taylor

Dispatches from the Apocalypse

Brains. B-rains braaaaaiiiins. Brain brain brain, braaaaaaaiiiiiiins. Brain.”
— Don Taylor, Associate Creative Director