Hi-Chew Fruit Chews

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The fruit-flavored candy Hi-Chew has been a cultural icon in Japan for decades, but was still fairly new in the United States. When its parent company, Morinaga, looked to us to help introduce its product to American consumers, we happily obliged.


Hi-Chew wanted to roll out a 10-piece package into the market, but they needed new packaging, merchandising, sales materials, and trade show materials. We created some new, juicy designs for them, including an exclusive, Hawaii-only edition.

Hi-Chew sticks Hi-Chew trays

Web Design & Development

Hi-Chew‘s original U.S. website was outdated. So we refreshed it to match the new packaging to reinforce brand messaging. Most importantly, we included a map feature to help customers locate retailers that offered the product. The refresh also included “responsive design,” a type of coding that enables the site to resize for any screen, whether on a handheld device, a tablet, or an HD cinema monitor.

Hi-Chew website

Brand Elements

Part of the design process included a need for custom brand elements. We threw some flavor swirls in the background, created the “Fruit Chews” logotype, and customized our recycling icon for the exclusive Hawaiian packaging.

Recycle illustration Fruit Chews typography

Social Media Management

To say that people love Hi-Chew is a bit of an understatement. They want engagement across multiple social channels. From Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, we’ve kept customers satisfied through personal interactions, promotions, and imagery. We’ve also handled content curation to ensure that everything stays on message over the long term.

Fresh off the Hi-Chew tree Surfer Fan photo Facebook screenshot

Video & Motion Graphics

Not only did our in-house team envision, create, and animate Hi-Chew’s “Summer Giveaway” video, they also edited the footage for Hi-Chew’s online sports videos.

Summer giveaway