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The Salt Lake Bees is a minor-league, Triple-A affiliate of Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim. Based in Salt Lake City, the club must lure its potential fans away from all other summer distractions. Our approach: Make it about the experience, not just the game.

Brand Campaign Billboards

Salt Lake Bees’ advertising needed to do more than appeal to die-hard sports fans. Because baseball is a summer family activity, we wanted to make visiting the ballpark as natural as having a picnic. So we used large-format billboards to represent the golden family moments visitors could have when attending.

Bees billboard Bees billboard

Brand Campaign Message

After considering a slew of tagline options to underscore the experience of the stadium, we settled on “It’s better at the ballpark,” then typeset it in a font that invoked a sense of nostalgia for the great American pastime.

It's better at the ballpark

Photo Treatment

A modest budget usually means sticking with stock photography. But not here. This campaign needed images focusing on an ideal ballpark experience. That meant a custom photo shoot and careful image adjustment. We think the results were well worth the effort.

A family at the ballpark

Game Information Advertising

Although our large billboards featured brand messaging for a broader audience, our small (and digital) billboards presented a clear call to action using game information. In the past, these had been crowded with content, so we cut the clutter and simplified to give it more impact.

A Bees player at bat A Bees newspaper ad Bees billboard

Game Publications

Our work toward a complete brand experience is even carried into game programs. In addition to creating the printed piece, we even updated information for individual games.

Playball magazine


As long as there has been radio, there’s been baseball on radio. So it makes sense to advertise on the airwaves, too, and our ads have certainly helped get people into the stands.