Total Care Auto

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  • Identity
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  • Stationery
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Total Care Auto offers insurance and protection for vehicles to dealership groups as well as directly to consumers. Our task was to update their brand identity and apply it to a variety of management and marketing materials.

Brand Identity

Originally known only as Landcar, Total Care Auto was in need of a new identity. We created a logo to convey a reputable company that is more approachable than its competitors. We also hinted at Total Care Auto’s comprehensive service by subtly including a “C” in the circular design.


You don’t see much illustration in this category—Which is why we recommended it. Not only did it help the collateral stand out, it also gave us greater control over the composition, messaging, and overall look and feel. Plus, the illustrations helped avoid the “cheese” factor inherent to most stock photography.

Illustration of an engine Illustration of a customer


Part of the re-branding effort included a request for business cards and stationery. We rounded the cards’ corners to make them more distinctive and had the envelopes custom-made to feature a band of brown along the edge.

Stationery Business cards


Total Care Auto offers a number of products—from automotive service protection plans to prepaid maintenance—plus a number of options under each offering. We created a branded brochure that featured spot illustrations that differentiates each product category so that potential customers can distinguish them at a glance.

Brochure Brochure

Hang Tags

Get your car serviced by Total Care Auto and you’ll likely find one of these on your mirror afterward. It’s a cross-sell for their prepaid maintenance service that we gave a touch of branding, including a unique die-cut shape.

Hang tag

Sales Collateral

Financial sales representatives often need larger sheets for presentation, which they also like to customize. A branded binder with large-format brochures gave them the flexibility they needed. We also created a sales counter placemat that presents service plan information for easy customer reference.

Binder Mat


No identity overhaul is quite complete without an updated website, so we added some of the illustrations and the new logo to ensure a complete, branded experience.



Total Care Auto uses a lot of forms, so we took advantage of them as a branding opportunity. That included a custom icon system that we then applied across all their other collateral.