Defeat Your Daily Doldrums: Dive into a Brainstorm Session

April 24th, 2018

We’ve all been there. You’re sitting at your desk staring at your screen with that blank zombie gaze. It’s a Wednesday and you’re staring at your current project with eyes glazing over. It’s time to wake up and get to work! Nothing will jumpstart your creativity faster than having a little brainstorming session.

When Should I Brainstorm?

Besides the obvious answer of everyday, there are a few times when slowing down and letting your thoughts flow becomes immensely helpful. When you feel you don’t have enough guidance or information about your given subject matter, don’t rush the product. In this instance brainstorming can help stir up new ideas and give you more concrete goals and thoughts. Take a tour through guide books, make a few pin boards, and try looking at your subject from a new direction.

On the flipside, we hate the feeling of being paralyzed by having too much information and not knowing where to start. Imagine a little librarian running around the full library of your mind and then knocking all of the bookshelves to the ground — it’s overwhelming! Give the little librarian a break; take a walk outside, listen to some music, take some deep meditative breaths. Taking that little bit of time for yourself before diving into your project will give your scattered thoughts root and purpose and bring order to your process.

What are the Best Ways to Brainstorm?

There’s no easy answer to this question, but there is an answer we know you’ll love: do what works for you! Remember most importantly that you need to take time to detach yourself from your computer and your projects. It’s always better to work more deliberately than to throw together something you aren’t proud of.

Go grab a coffee with your coworkers, talk to someone from a completely different team for an expanded view you may not have thought of originally for your project. A lot of our staff writers keep stacks of favorite books at their desks so they can get inspiration from their idols as they create. Create a quick poem or sketch that may not be related to your project. Even if you don’t end up loving your brainstorm-created poem or design, you’ll be shocked about what you can discover. One sentence will stick with you and become the key to your whole creation.

Don’t be afraid of brainstorming — embrace the clouds and dance in the rain. Want to put yourself ahead of your coworkers? Carve out time every day for some creative brainstorming. Taking even a few minutes to let your words flow or to seek inspiration from books, music, or photos will lead to more natural writing and designs. You’ll create fresher and more creative content and believe us; your agency will thank you.