Appreciation Nation

June 19th, 2019

Kudos! Thumbs up! Nice Job!

A few simple words can go a long way in making an employee feel appreciated. But the appreciation has to be sincere. Employees can detect lip service faster than you can say “atta-boy!”

As you foster a culture of appreciation, ask yourself this: did HR tell you that you should probably appreciate your people more? Or do you truly appreciate that project manager who stayed extra hours to ensure that one project went off without a hitch? Do you stand up in a large group and shout, “it’s people that make this company great”? Or do you reach out to individuals for one-on-one conversations and show real gratitude?

Sincerity is important. So are actions. It’s one thing to say nice job. It’s another thing to show you appreciate your employees by making their work experience a positive one. One simple, effective way to show appreciation is through food. Breakroom snacks, a surprise lunch, dinner for those who work late — these are all great ways to show gratitude. If you display continuous appreciation to your teams, don’t be surprised if they show it right back through loyalty and hard work.