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Every advertisement contains within it the ability to fail spectacularly. Sometimes this is obvious in retrospect, but sometimes, the disaster is something nobody could plan for. Thrill as Ryan and Abe discuss some of the biggest unforeseen advertising disasters in history. They’ll avoid the Noid, relive the night disco died, and trade in a few banana peels for some quality consumer electronics. Notable quotes: In Abe’s world, Data Crunch cereal has a picture of Lt. Commander Data on the box and has a minty flavor.” “If you are eating a popsicle horizontally, you are doing it wrong.”

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Our Version of the Odd Couple

Ryan Croker

Often described as having “a perfectly adequate voice” and “very dark hair,” Ryan Croker is a Senior Copywriter at Saxton Horne and co-host of “Why’d I Buy That?” Ryan Honed his banter skills as part of Brigham Young University’s famed sketch comedy group Divine Comedy. At the same time, he earned an MFA in Creative Writing, teaching persuasive writing to college freshmen, a compliment to his BA in History. Ryan has worked in the advertising industry for 8 years, at Saxton Horne for 4 of them. In his off time, he works on writing fiction and playing video games with his children.

Abraham Sloan

Nicknamed “Mudflap,” this mild-mannered video producer of no fixed hairstyle is grate with cheese and has never once been mistaken as even a lesser Baldwin brother. DJ, blacksmith, ornithologist and amateur UN delegate. Spent college summers working with basketballs for farmers. Has only ever googled his name. Interned briefly in the pogo stick aftermarket. Won an injunction against medium tobacco and big tortilla. Sagittarius. Hopscotch references upon request.